Police complaint against Duma victims' grandfather

Jewish activist files complaint against Mohammed Dawabshe for calling to avenge his family's blood.

Gil Ronen,

Graffiti at Duma arson site
Graffiti at Duma arson site
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Prominent Hevron-based nationalist activist Noam Federman filed a police complaint Sunday against Mohammed Dawabshe, whose son, daughter-in-law and grandson were murdered when their home was set on fire last July, allegedly by a Jewish extremist.

Federman's complaint accuses Dawabshe of incitement to cause bodily harm to Jews.

Speaking with a Makor Rishon / NRG reporter, Dawabshe was quoted as saying: "I tell the youth, become stronger in your faith and draw closer to Allah, then go out and carry out a jihad against the Jews."

He also reportedly said: "I hope and pray that the intifada will succeed in attaining its goals. In my eyes, it is a stepping stone to the real solution. The solution is not a Palestinian state but an Islamic caliphate in all of Palestine."

Dawabshe added, in a video that appears on the NRG website: "God willing, may the intifada avenge the blood of the Dawabshe family and Al Aqsa."

Federman's complaint was relayed to the Binyamin District police.

Federman harbors no illusions that the complaint will lead to a police investigation, however. "I wonder what excuses the police and Prosecution will provide for not putting him on trial," he wrote on Facebook.

Police and Prosecution have been quick to take drastic steps against alleged inciters as regards the Dawabshe case, but this appears to hold true only when the incitement is carried out by Jews. 

The groom from a December wedding was arrested, after video from the event was leaked to the media showing Jewish extremists appearing to celebrate the deadly Duma arson while waving weapons.

Aside from the groom, three other participants in the wedding were also arrested.

In addition, police detained a resident of Kfar Tapuach in Samaria who was videotaped dancing at the wedding with a gun in his hand.