Forecast: Clear skies and temperatures on the rise

Israel will experience several days of warm and sunny weather before another day of rain at end of the week.

Cynthia Blank ,

Israelis enjoy the sunshine (file)
Israelis enjoy the sunshine (file)
Yossi Zamir/Flash90

After a storm-filled weekend, skies on Sunday will be partly cloudy to sunny. Temperatures will rise to average for the season. 

Temperatures will continue to rise on Monday and into the middle of the week. Partly cloudy skies will clear up on Tuesday with sunny weather and warm temperatures. 

Israel is not rid of the rain yet, however, as temperatures are expected to drop and localized showers predicted for the country's north and center on Thursday. 

All that rain is paying off as the Water Authority announced Sunday morning that the Sea of Galilee's water level stands at 212.92 meters (700 feet), marking a 2.5 centimeter rise since Friday and a general increase of six centimeters. 

This is the sharpest rise in the water level since the beginning of the winter, the Water Authority notes, and it may increase even further in the coming days. 

Temperatures Sunday will reach 15°C (59°F) in the Golan Heights, 17° (63°) at the Sea of Galilee, 18° (64°) in Haifa, 19° (66°) in Tel Aviv and the Shfela region, 12° (54°) in Jerusalem, 17° (63°) in Be'er Sheva, 22° (72°) at the Dead Sea and 23° (73°) in Eilat.