48 terror attacks in December

Statistics show a slight decrease in attacks in the month of December, with 2015 having the highest number of Israeli deaths since 2006.

Dalit Halevi ,

Site of a terror attack (illustrative)
Site of a terror attack (illustrative)
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A Palestinian website that goes by the name “Shebka Falestin Lalchiwar” has published statistics regarding Palestinian “activities," meaning terror attacks that were perpetrated during the last three months of what they are terming as an intifada.

According to the statistics posted, during the month of December 48 attacks were perpetrated, in which three Israelis were murdered and another 87 were injured. On the Palestinian side, there were 38 deaths and 660 injured. Most of the deaths were the terrorists themselves who were killed after or during an attack on Israeli civilians.

Terror attacks in December included 11 stabbing attacks, 12 car ramming attacks, and 25 shooting attacks. In November there were 16 stabbing attacks, 8 ramming attacks, and an equal 25 shooting attacks.

Largely due to the bad weather conditions the number of violent Arab riots went down to 607, from the higher number of 792 in November, and 1,328 in October.

Before the recent wave of violence, there were only 345 points of confrontation on average each month.  

Over the course of the year 2015, 29 Israelis were murdered in Palestinian terror attacks. Out of that number, 24 were killed since the beginning of what has been termed the “Al-Aqsa conflict." This is the highest number of Israeli fatalities due to Palestinian terror since 2006, when 30 Israelis were murdered.

The number of Palestinians killed over the past year is 181, out of which 146 have been killed during the “Al-Aqsa conflict," and 150 of them were killed either in Jerusalem or in Judea and Samaria. Twenty-eight were killed in Gaza and another 3 in the rest of Israel.