Stabbing attack thwarted at Tapuach Junction

26 year old Palestinian roused suspicion of the soldiers at the junction. Upon searching him they found a knife.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Knife found on terrorist at Tapuach junction
Knife found on terrorist at Tapuach junction
Border police spokesperson's office

A Palestinian arrived on Monday afternoon at the Tapuach junction in Samaria, and roused the suspicion of the Border Police soldiers who were stationed at the location. 

The soldiers told him to stop. In spite of their orders he continued to approach the position of some of the soldiers. They responded by performing the proper procedure for apprehending a suspect. 

Once they succeeded in halting the Palestinian, the performed a bodily search, in which they found a knife on his person. 

It is assumed that he intended to attack the security personnel present. 

The Palestinian is an inhabitant of Jenin, and has been taken in for questioning.  

Commander of the team, Superintendent Ofir Dahari, praised the reaction of the soldiers. "We train and are prepare our soldiers for the type of readiness that essential in situations just like this one. Today, the professionalism and rapid response of the soldiers were the main reason why this situation ended in the way it did, without any injuries to our forces."