Watch: Arab girl curses 'deceitful Jews' on PA TV

‘Treachery has been inherent in (Jews) from the days of Moses until today,' says little girl on official PA TV.

Shoshana Miskin ,


Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas' official PA TV continues to broadcast anti-Semitic hate speech.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) recently uncovered a broadcast of a young Palestinian girl telling a story that teaches that deceit is a natural characteristic of Jews.

In the video, the girl recites that Jews and Arabs used to be friends but it is no surprise that "the foreigners came to expel us," because "treachery has been their nature from the days of Moses until today."

PMW has reported on much of the PA-sponsored propaganda, including anti-Semitic teachings coming directly from their leadership.

Abbas' adviser on Islamic Affairs and Supreme Shari'ah Judge Mahmoud Al-Habbash recently taught in a televised sermon that Jews represent "evil," and that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is better described as "Allah's project vs. Satan's project."