US: Storms kill 43 people in 7 states

Flash floods, tornadoes, blizzards persist in week of deadly winter weather; more on the way.

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Aftermath of severe storms, Dec 2015
Aftermath of severe storms, Dec 2015

Severe storms killed 43 people in 7 US states over the weekend, with more on the way. 

Storms varied from tornadoes to blizzard conditions to flash-flooding - and the National Weather Service stated Monday that the trend has not ended. 

"The storm system will gradually pull away by Tuesday, but flooding and treacherous travel could (linger) into midweek," the NWS said. 

So far, the string of tragedies has included:

  • Flash-flooding in Marion County, IL, which killed 5 people on Saturday;
  • Eight dead in central Missouri from flash-flooding - including four international soldiers at a training base, CNN reports;
  • Eleven dead from tornadoes in Texas, with winds ranging from 135-165 mph ( - kph);
  • and tornadoes over the weekend which killed 10 people in Mississippi, 6 in Tennessee, 2 in Alabama, and 1 in Arkansas. 

Missouri has declared a state of emergency due to the flooding, as has New Mexico, which received an unprecedented two feet of snow. 

Meanwhile, 6,000 homes remain without power in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area.