Indictment to be filed against one Duma suspect

Charges to be filed against one Jewish youth arrested in connection to Duma arson - for two-year-old assault case involving Bedouins.

Ido Ben Porat,

Duma arson trial
Duma arson trial
Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

After 29 days of interrogation by the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet), prosecutors filed for an indictment Monday against one of the Jewish youths arrested in connection to the deadly Duma arson. 

Attorney Chai Hever, who is representing the youth, said he is not a suspect in the Duma case; rather the charges revolve around a physical altercation between the youth and group of Bedouins two years ago. 

Police are requesting to extend the accused's remand pending an indictment, but Hever has urged the court to release him immediately in light of suffering he experienced during the Duma investigation. 

Hever is arguing the youth's poor mental state as well as the fact the incident in question occurred when he was in a minor and which he claims was self-defense do not warrant his continued detention. 

The youth denies all involvement in the Duma arson and has complained of violence to his person at the hands of ISA interrogators. 

The Honenu legal aid organization called the forthcoming indictment over a two-year-old incident a "scandal," especially given the "interrogation, sleep deprivation, and physical and psychological violence" the youth incurred during the ISA investigation. 

"We hope that a committee of inquiry will be established to investigate the conduct of the Shin Bet and other Israeli law enforcement authorities regarding this case," its said. "Who will pay this youth for the emotional damage done to him?"