Activists protest outside Duma case judge's home

Right-wing activists take to the streets across Israel Saturday night, targeting MKs and judge overseeing case.

Shlomo Pyotrokovski,

Previous protest (file)
Previous protest (file)

Protests continued nationwide Saturday night over the alleged torture by the Shin Bet security services of Jewish suspects in the Duma arson case.

Right-wing activists took to the streets in several locations throughout the country, as part of a campaign by supporters of the detainees to call for an investigation into the Shin Bet's controversial interrogation methods.

Among other locations, several dozen residents of the city of Bat Yam, next to Tel Aviv in central Israel, staged a demonstration, with residents brandishing placards and chanting slogans against the detention of the suspects without trial. Several of the alleged prime suspects have been denied access to their lawyers for over a month now.

Several demonstrations also took place outside the homes of several Jewish Home party MKs. Protesters have called for the religious-Zionist party to leave the governing coalition over the torture allegations, and have criticized its ministers for rallying behind the security services.

Protests were held outside the home of Justice Committee head MK Nisan Slomianski - who vowed to hold the Shin Bet to account if concrete evidence emerged to support the torture allegations. Slomianski went out to speak to the activists, who have protested outside his home in Elkana, Samaria, on previous occasions.

Also targeted was MK Moti Yogev, who lives in the Samaria town of Dolev.

Family members of one of the suspects joined protesters outside MK Shuli Mualem's home in the Gush Etzion town of Neve Daniel, and the MK soon emerged to speak with them.

A further protest was held in Rosh Ha'ayin outside the home of the Judge Erez Nurieli, who is overseeing the Duma case in Petah Tikvah District Court. Protesters are angry that the judge has allowed the investigation to continue and OKed the ongoing detention of the suspects despite their allegations of abuse.