Watch: Bennett participates in archaeological dig

Education Minister joins teenagers for an educational archaeological dig. "This is the real youth of Israel."

Eliran Aharon ,

Bennett participates in archaeological dig
Bennett participates in archaeological dig
Eliran Aharon

Education Minister Naftali Bennett on Thursday afternoon participated in an educational archaeological dig with teenagers at the Adullam Park, located south of the city of Beit Shemesh.

The event is part of a unique project of Jewish history through excavations in all regions of the country, during which students try to locate new historical findings.

"I am here today with youth who have values, who are curious and Zionist. This is the youth of Israel in 2015 rather than the deplorable phenomena we have seen in recent days,” said Bennett, in a possible reference to a video broadcast on Israeli television on Wednesday, and in which young extremists were seen celebrating the death of a Palestinian Arab baby in the Duma arson.

“I say clearly: Both the religious youth as well as the secular youth contribute to the State of Israel, and we have a wonderful generation," he added.

"When we face violent terrorists we have to speak clearly and act clearly: We are now in the battle to prevent Duma two, and we will win it," Bennett stressed.

Some 300 grade 11 students from two schools in Nahariya took part in Thursday’s dig along with Bennett.