Sa'ar not an actor in Netanyahu 'puppet theater'

Gideon Sa'ar hints he will make no play for Likud leadership in upcoming primaries, as Moshe Kahlon calls for the two to join forces.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Gideon Sa'ar, Binyamin Netanyahu
Gideon Sa'ar, Binyamin Netanyahu
Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Former minister Gilad Sa'ar hinted Thursday he has no plans to return to Likud in the near future and certainly will not attempt to supplant Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as leader of the party. 

Sa'ar was asked by Channel 2 journalist Amit Segal on Twitter if "assuming Netanyahu succeeds in holding primaries within the next five minutes as he plans, are you going to run in any case?"

After days of speculation, the Prime Minister made his first official bid to advance Likud primaries on Wednesday, in a move many estimate is an attempt to prevent Sa'ar from vying for the chairmanship. 

Sa’ar, who last year unexpectedly announced he was leaving politics, continues to enjoy popularity among members of the Likud. In fact, a recent poll indicated that Sa'ar is the only politician in Israel who could really pose a threat to Netanyahu's leadership.

Responding to Segal's tweet, Sa'ar offered an implicit critique of the Likud's current chairman, i.e. Netanyahu. 

"The answer lies in the question," he declared. "I don't tend to act in a puppet theater. I wish Netanyahu success in his candidacy, as well as to the other players in the performance."

The tweets follow a rather interesting statement made Thursday morning by Finance Minister and Kulanu chairman Moshe Kahlon, himself a former Likud minister. 

In an interview with Rina Mazliah on Non-Stop Radio, Kahlon announced, "I am in close contact with Gideon Sa'ar. I would be delighted if we could run together in the next Knesset elections."