Police dispatched to Jewish school in Zurich

Zurich police say no indication of criminal action near Jewish school

Shoshana Miskin ,

Zurich police (illustration)
Zurich police (illustration)

False alarm: Zurich police said on Thursday that a suspicious car near an ultra-Orthodox girl’s high school led to an intervention by officers but there was no indication of criminal action.

Officers armed with machine guns blocked off the area around the Machon Chen School in the Schoentalstrasse neighborhood in the center of Zurich, Switzerland

"A Jewish school on Schoentalstrasse informed us on Wednesday evening of the presence of a suspicious vehicle that passed the school several times. An unknown man also manifested suspicious behavior near the school on Wednesday afternoon," police said in a statement on Thursday.

"So far, there is no indication of criminal action." Police said further security measures had been taken in agreement with the school.

The alert comes as Geneva has been on security lockdown for several days over fears of a Paris-style attack in the Swiss city.

According to the European Jewish Congress, roughly 18,000 Jews live in Switzerland, and majority of the Jewish community is based in the urban centers of Zurich, Bern and Geneva.