White House hints Clinton would be 'Obama 2.0'

Spokesperson Earnest admits that Obama and Clinton have almost the same foreign policy, even as Obama's approval plummets.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest admitted at a press briefing Tuesday that US President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton share an exceedingly similar foreign policy.

At the briefing, Kevin Corke of Fox News asked Earnest if he agreed with assessments that Clinton's foreign policy essentially overlaps with Obama's, noting some critics say she would be an "Obama 2.0."

“I’m not particularly surprised to hear that, even after your careful review, that you’ve determined that their approach to a large number of foreign policy issues is at least similar,” Earnest replied, indicating the idea of her being an "Obama 2.0" is not surprising.

“At the same time,” Earnest claimed that Clinton has “a well-earned reputation as an independent thinker.”

“I’m confident that there are probably some areas where she would disagree with the president,” he said, without specifying what those areas are.

Washington Free Beacon notes that the admission to similarities does not necessarily bode well for Clinton, given the backlash seen against Obama particularly over his foreign policy, which many see as greatly underestimating the threat of Islamic terror by allowing in multitudes of Syrian migrants without firm checks in place.

A poll published Tuesday by NBC News/Wall Street Journal found that Obama's approval rating has plunged to 43%, the lowest figure in over a year.