French imam: Deport Muslim hate-preachers

French imam says his calls to deport extremist preachers were repeatedly ignored, accuses Europe of abandoning moderate Muslims.

Ari Soffer,

Flash 90

A French imam has accused Europe of "abandoning moderate Muslims" by refusing to clamp down on Islamists inciting violence and indoctrinating young Muslims.

French-Tunisian Imam Sheikh Hassen Chalghoumi made his comments in an interview with Al Arabiya TV just two weeks following the deadly ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris. The interview was translated by MEMRI.

He claimed he had been calling on French authorities to deport foreign, extremist imams and other preachers who regularly preached hate in French mosques, but had been repeatedly ignored.

Noting that ISIS - which brands all other Muslims heretics as well - did not distinguish between Muslims and non-Muslims in its attacks, while at the same time European Muslims would "suffer" in general as a result of the attacks, he said he hoped French authorities would finally make good on their promises to shut down the extremists.

"We hoped, following the [Toulouse 2012] Merah terrorist attack, to witness more resolve and to see many [imams] deported. We hoped for this, again, following the Charlie Hebdo attack," Chalghoumi stated.

Of the French tough talk following November's attacks he added: "I hope this will happen before it spreads and we, the vast majority, pay the price