Meretz trying to block video exposing EU 'agents'

MK Galon calls Im Tirtzu's 'foreign agents' video 'warped and dangerous,' tells followers to complain to Facebook.

Gil Ronen ,

Im Tirtzu video
Im Tirtzu video

MK Zehava Galon (Meretz) is trying to get Facebook to block a video produced by grassroots Zionist movement Im Tirtzu, which singles out four leftist activists as examples of "foreign agents" who are assisting the terrorist enemy.

Galon called Im Tirtzu's video "warped and dangerous," and claims it encourages viewers to physically harm the four "human rights activists," and amounts to "a call to action." The video "accuses them of assisting terrorists and publishes their names and pictures," she claimed, "under slogans like 'they live here and they have been planted,' and 'while we fight terror, they fight us.' "

"It is getting hundreds of 'shares' at this very moment," she said.

Galon said that she fears for the safety of the four activists, in the current "violent public climate that is spreading like fire with the aid and encouragement of politicians who spread fear and populism."

MK Michal Rozin of Meretz has already sent an urgent message to the Attorney General, said Galon, requesting that he initiate an investigation on suspicion of incitement, "but in the meantime, this dangerous video is making the rounds on the internet. Help us stop it."

She included several screenshots explaining how to complain to Facebook against offensive content, and asked her followers to submit complaints, so that the video is taken offline.

The video has received about 70,000 views on Facebook in five hours' time.