Professor boycotts the 'station of the settlers'

Listen: Hebrew University professor refuses to be interviewed by Arutz Sheva for its political affiliation.

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Arutz Sheva
Arutz Sheva
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Arutz Sheva reporter Eliran Aharon requested an interview on Sunday morning with Hebrew University professor Yossi Zeira about Prof. Avi Simhon's recent appointment as chairman of the National Economic Council. 

Initially, Prof. Zeira did not recognize who Arutz Sheva was before suddenly remembering it as the "station of the settlers" from "the occupied territories."

Zeira then asserted he refused to be interviewed - not because he had nothing to say about Simhon, but because he would not appear on any media outlet that gives expression to "settlers."

"I don't want to be interviewed by you," he added. 

It should be noted that in recent years, the heads of institutions of higher learning in Israel have been facing attempts to impose an academic boycott on the Jewish state. 

Last summer, during a discussion in the Knesset, university presidents and researchers said that while the problem may not be visible, there are certainly silent boycotts against Israel. 

Hebrew University President Menahem Ben-Sasson said during the discussion that "in the meantime, universities are not boycotting and most of the researchers are unanimous in this arena, but there is a phenomenon of a lethargic boycott." 

"I expect people sitting here to approve budgets to bring international researchers and students from abroad to visit Israel and expand its participation with global academia."