White House 'relieved' Trump postponed Israel trip

White House spokesman welcomes Trump's postponement of his Israel trip, says the trip could have inflamed the Middle East.

Elad Benari ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The White House is “relieved” that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is postponing his planned trip to Israel, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Thursday, according to The Hill.

Earnest called Trump’s decision a “good outcome” because his presence in Israel could have inflamed the volatile situation in the Middle East.

“Most people are relieved he has reconsidered,” said the spokesman. “The situation in Israel is particularly volatile. In this case, his decision is a good outcome for all those involved.”

He hinted that those “relieved” over Trump’s decisions “may include” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Earlier on Thursday, Trump said he would postpone his trip to Israel and reschedule his meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu planned for December 28.

In the past week, Trump has sparked controversy at home and abroad for calling to bar Muslims from entering the United States, with Arab MKs in Israel urging to ban Trump from visiting the country. 

His planned itinerary reportedly included a visit to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a holy site that has been a source of conflict between Muslims and Jews for generations.

Netanyahu had agreed to meet with Trump in Israel despite the controversy over the comments om Muslims, but sources close to Netanyahu told Channel 10 on Wednesday that the Prime Minister "does not agree with everything the candidate [Trump - ed.] has said."