Terror victims identified as Shaul and Rachel Nir

Former Jewish Underground member and wife were attacked making their way home after lighting candles with their daughter.

Menachem Schwartz ,

The ambulance that evacuated Nir
The ambulance that evacuated Nir
Photo: MDA

The couple injured in the terror shooting in Samaria on Wednesday evening were identified as Shaul and Rachel Nir, residents of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem. 

The attack occurred as they were on making their way home after lighting Hanukkah candles with their daughter, Livnat Ozeri, who lives in Avnei Hefetz.

Shaul Nir was a member of the Jewish Underground movement in the 1980s, which carried out a number of violent attacks on Arabs, including attempted bombings and assassinations of Palestinian mayor.

He was initially sentenced to life imprisonment, but was later pardoned.

Nir was seriously wounded in the attack when terrorists opened fire at his car, while his wife was moderately wounded. 

The family has seen its share of terrorism, as the couple's son-in-law, Nati Ozeri, was murdered in a previous attack in Hevron.