State Attorney: We'll demolish Jewish homes, too

The state will not hesitate to demolish the homes of Jews engaged in acts of terror, State Attorney Shai Nitzan insists.

Yaakov Levi ,

Demolition (illustrative)
Demolition (illustrative)

The state is prepared to take harsh moves against Jews who are involved in terror incidents, State Attorney Shai Nitzan said Monday.

Speaking at the Globe Business Summit, Nitzan said that currently the state was demolishing only Palestinian homes because that is where the bulk of the terror attacks are coming from.

The demolitions are meant to impress on terrorists the futility of carrying out terrorist attacks against Israelis.

The state claims that demolitions do discourage terror, but that could also work against Jews as well – and if the phenomenon of Jewish terror becomes widespread, the state will not hesitate to use the law against Jews as well.

“Jewish terror is not a regular, everyday event as Arab terror is,” said Nitzan. “So you cannot really equate terrorism among Jews to terrorism committed by Arabs. But if God forbid Jewish terror will become a common phenomenon, we would have to think about our policy regarding Jews.”

Nitzan made the comments in light of the announcement last week that police had made a “substantial breakthrough” in the Duma arson case. Last week, police said that there had been a “significant development” in the case, and that several suspects had been arrested. The identities of the suspects have not been revealed, but are known to family and community members.

Several protests have been held demanding that the suspects be released, after Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan admitted that there was no solid evidence against the suspects, one of whom is a US citizen.