'Swedes think all can be solved with dialogue'

Former envoy Zvi Mazel berates Swedish FM for anti-Israel comments; 'Swedes think everything can be solved with a little dialogue.'

Cynthia Blank ,

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom
Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom

Sweden has "surrendered to Islam," former Israeli ambassador Zvi Mazel asserted Sunday, slamming Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom for accusing Israel of committing extrajudicial executions of terrorists.

In conversation with Walla! News, Mazel charged that Wallstrom wishes nothing more than "when an Arab terrorist approaches, you'll say, 'Stop mister terrorist, I'm calling a policeman, the policeman will come, he will arrest you and we'll give you a fair trial.'"

"Forgive me for exaggerating, but this is the story of Sweden," Mazel said. "Sweden has given itself away to immigrants and Islam; it's ceased to be the real Sweden. For ten years, it has received more and more immigrants, most of them Muslim."

When asked if Wallstrom really wants Israelis to allow themselves to be stabbed in silence, Mazel offered a resounding yes. 

"The Swedes have thought like this since 1812, when Marshal of France Bernadotte was appointed king. They have no wars and have invented this theory that anything can be solved with a little dialogue."

Mazel also argued that Sweden intentionally singled out Israel for criticism, and it was not out of supposed concern for human rights. 

"Sweden claims to be a champion of human rights, but it isn't. It never criticizes Iran and Arab countries in general," he said, recounting an episode where Wallstrom begged the king of Sweden apologize to Saudi Arabia, after they suspended trade relations for a critical remark she made about the Saudi king. 

Mazel asserted that Israel's main source of concern in Sweden was the ruling Social Democrats, but there were some in Sweden, and in other Scandinavian countries, who support the Jewish state. 

There are those in Scandinavian countries, he stresses, who are not satisfied with "Sweden's stupid viewpoint which has no connection to reality. But the situation in Europe is that most people are talking about multiculturalism. It has surrendered to Islam."