Watch: 46 times Obama said 'that's not who we are'

Hilarious compilation video reveals Obama's favorite catchphrase to delegitimize whatever he disagrees with.

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Ari Yashar ,

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama is winding down his second term as president ahead of the 2016 elections, and as the voting season looms, Washington Free Beacon put together a compilation of the 46 times Obama has said "that's not who we are" to delegitimize positions he disagrees with.

The paper notes that "the expression is useful in its ability to shut down conversation and seize a moral high ground, however imaginary."

The president used his favorite catchphrase to call for more immigration, to push through Obamacare, to impose his positions on national security, and to call on Americans not to vote for his Republican contender Mitt Romney in 2012 elections, among other things.