Muslim preacher says EU 'plundered' Muslim lands

London-based preacher demands EU 'compensate' Muslims, like they pay reparations to Holocaust survivors.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

French Muslims: "Don't touch my prophet
French Muslims: "Don't touch my prophet

Muslims will be expelled from Europe, a London-based Muslim preacher predicted two weeks ago, and they should be compensated for money Europe "plundered" from Muslims, just as the Jews were compensated for the horrors of the Holocaust, he said. 

Egyptian preacher Hani Al-Sibai delivered the explosive remarks in a November 20 sermon. 

Footage of the tirade was translated into English by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)

"The Muslim [sic] have become the problem now," he began. "I foresee the homes of the Muslims being plundered and burned down in the future."

"Sadly, I see the Muslims being displaced and deported," he continued. "They will be persecuted in the streets and alleys of Europe."

"I see them being loaded onto boats and sent [back] to the Middle East. Those who are saved, by the grace of Allah, will be loaded onto giant planes and thrown to perish in some desert, or elsewhere in the Muslim countries."

"Those left [in Europe] – their women will be raped and enslaved, their money will be plundered, and their homes will be burned down."

"Europe is baring its teeth now," Al-Sibai declared. "This is the truth that we have failed to understand. You haven't realized this yet. They know you are the enemy. You can change your name, you can change, your religion, change the way you look - you are still the enemy." 

The preacher further accused Europe of "taking advantage" of the Islamic State (ISIS) attacks in Paris several weeks ago to persecute Muslims, in his words. 

"We don't want to live among you," he fired. "We don't want to live this wretched life that you have kindly bestowed upon us."

"You have plundered our money," he accused. "You have taken millions from Muslim lands. This loot, this gold, that is now in Britain and all of Europe belongs to us."

"This is the money of the Muslims which you had have looted: French colonialism, British colonialism for over 70 years… You have taken the treasures of the land of its people, and then you bestow upon us some [financial] support… This is the money of the Muslims!" 

"You must pay us compensation for the catastrophes you have caused," he insisted. "It is you who finance those criminals [ISIS]. It is you who have used the people who attack and kill."

Al-Sibai then drew parallels to the Holocaust.

"Look what the Jews did to the Germans," he said. "Because of the issue of the Holocaust, the Germans are paying them every year. They pay them reparations ever since the end of the World War and to this day, and they will continue to pay for generations to come."

"Whether they like it or not, they pay huge sums every year," he continued. "Every government must pay for what the Germans did. What about us? What about our compensation for the occupation? For two centuries, you have been destroying us and plundering our money."