Shabbat terror
Attack foiled in Samaria after Nahariya stabbing

Female terrorist thwarted in murder attempt near Shechem, after young terrorist stabs officer returning home from Jerusalem.

Uzi Baruch ,

Arab brandishes a knife (illustration)
Arab brandishes a knife (illustration)
Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

During Shabbat on Saturday morning, a female Arab terrorist arrived at the Bekaot Crossing in the Shechem (Nablus) region of Samaria with the goal of murdering IDF soldiers.

She was arrested by security services at the site who prevented her from conducting the stabbing attack, and transferred her to investigation. None were wounded in the incident.

Earlier on Friday night, a 16-year-old Arab terrorist stabbed a Border Police officer in an attack at Sderot Haga'aton Street in the coastal city of Nahariya.

The wounded officer, a 37-year-old who serves in Jerusalem, was on his way to his home in the north.

A Magen David Adom (MDA) medical crew that arrived on the scene reported that he was evacuated to a hospital in the city with moderate stab wounds to his upper body.

Nahariya is the northernmost coastal city in Israel, located some 30 kilometers north of Haifa.

MDA paramedic Ofer Bensal who treated the wounded said, "when we arrived at the scene we saw a man around 37 years of age fully conscious, he was walking about and suffering from stab wounds to his upper body."

"We immediately put him in the emergency medical vehicle and gave him medical treatment including a stopping of the bleeding, all during a quick evacuation to the hospital while his situation was classified as moderate and stable."

The officer's brother who arrived at the hospital said, "we received the notification about my brother's stabbing with great concern, we are happy that he is okay and his situation is good."

"We thank the medical crew for the quick treatment. At this stage the entire issue is in investigation and we rely on the police and the security system to investigate the incident to the end. Currently we prefer not to speak about the incident in terms of the circumstances and the background and we will wait for the results of the investigation."

The terrorist, who fled the scene after the attack, was captured by security forces after a manhunt and taken in for questioning. He reportedly claimed during interrogation that he had stabbed the officer in self defense, after an argument broke out between them.