'We will wash the entire state in blue and white'

New youth movement launches first mission to strengthen morale, painting security barriers with Israeli flag; operation to expand.

Uzi Baruch ,

Painting the security barriers
Painting the security barriers
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Young activists from Judea and Samaria went out on Tuesday night to the central junctions and bus stations in Samaria, sites where cement security barriers stand to protect commuters from car or shooting attacks, and painted them with the blue and white Israeli flag.

In the coming weeks, the youths - who call themselves "Mechusanim" (ie. providing strength to the people of Israel) - intend to go and pass out Israeli flags, to be hung in cars or at home.

Tuesday night's painting mission is the launch of a wide-scale operation to raise the national morale and strengthen the security, with further stages of the initiative to take place in the coming weeks and months.

As part of the establishment of the Mechusanim, a coordination headquarters was set up to conduct the operation, which will include additional activities later on.

The youths initiated the idea as a response to the difficult feelings of insecurity in recent months, particularly during the Arab terror wave that began in early October.

"In the last 50 days the nation of Israel is experiencing a popular terror wave," said a spokesperson for Mechusanim. "The terrorists are trying to weaken our spirit - we will lift it."

"Painting the security barriers symbolizes the statement that local tactical defense is not enough, a national process is required."

"In the coming week we will launch our movement, a non-political movement whose goal is to strengthen the nation and to return the feeling of security and of the justice of our path."

"Operation 'protective light' is the first action of the movement, in anticipation of the blue and white that will wash over the entire state."