Teen terrorist indicted for Jerusalem stabbing

14-year-old terrorist, who along with his 11-year-old cousin stabbed a security guard, to face attempted murder charges.

Shoshana Miskin ,

14-year-old terrorist Muawiyyeh Alkam in court
14-year-old terrorist Muawiyyeh Alkam in court
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Formal charges were filed this morning (Thursday) for attempted murder and possession of a knife, against the 14 and a half year-old terrorist from Beit Hanina who stabbed a security guard on the Jerusalem light rail last month.

According to the indictment - based off the young terrorist's own confessions - two and a half weeks ago Muawiyyeh Alkam decided to carry out a stabbing attack as vengeance for the death of a family member who was shot to death while himself executing a terrorist attack.

In order to carry out his attack, the young terrorist went to school in the morning equipped with a kitchen knife. There he met his 11-and-a-half-year-old relative, Ali Alkam, who also attended the school. The two decided they would not attend school that day, and the terrorist offered his relative to join him and carry out a deadly stabbing attack against Jews – and the latter agreed.

The pair traveled together by bus towards Damascus Gate and entered the Old City. They decided they would stab their victims simultaneously using sharp tools – a knife and another tool. Since they possessed a small amount of money and because they thought that no one would sell them a knife due to their age, they decided to purchase sharp scissors.

Afterwards, the pair looked for a Jewish soldier in order to stab him to death, but since they only came upon soldiers together in a cluster, they assumed their plan would not succeed, so instead the pair decided to stab a Jew on the Light Rail.

At around 12 noon, they entered the Light Rail from the Damascus Gate station and started to look for potential victims. They sat together and a short time later, a security guard entered the compartment and stood beside them. They decided they would stab and kill the guard first and then stab more passengers, in order for the guard not to shoot them and thwart their plan.

When the Light Rail entered the Shuafat neighborhood, they decided it was time to carry out their attack. The terrorist got up with the knife in his right hand and stabbed the guard in his chest while his younger relative stabbed the guard in the head multiple times. As a result, there was a struggle as the pair of attackers repeatedly attempted to stab the guard while the guard fought them off.

At a certain point, the security guard was able to somewhat retreat and pull out his gun. The guard pointed his gun at the terrorists and called for them to throw down their weapons. The youngest of the pair did not heed to the demand and attempted to stab the guard again. In response, the guard fired two shots in the attacker’s stomach.

The prosecution seeks to detain the under-aged terrorist until the end of the legal proceedings against him.