Arabs charged 23,368 in damages to J'lem train

Jerusalem D.A. cracks down on rock-throwing in latest move to enforce anti-terror laws.

Ido Ben-Porat , | updated: 12:07 PM

Arab rock terror (file)
Arab rock terror (file)
Hadas Parush / Flash 90

The Jerusalem District Attorney filed a claim Tuesday for 23,368 shekel ($5968) in damages against three Arabs who threw rocks at the Jerusalem Light Rail, damaging the public transport car. 

The claim was filed under the Law of Property Tax and Compensation Fund.

"Since July 2014, Israel has faced hundreds of incidents of rock throwing at the Jerusalem light rail system with nationalistic motivations," the claim states, using a common euphemism for terror. "These criminal acts are intended to disturb the public peace and harm innocent people, sow fear, disrupt and undermine the daily lives and the fabric of life in Jerusalem." 

"The defendants in their actions outlined above, acted intentionally to harm the train operating in Jerusalem, which operates from the north of the city center to south [Jerusalem]," it continued. "This way, the defendants harmed public security and peace and to deter the use of light rail as a means of transportation."

"In respect of these actions, the State charges the defendants for any direct damage amounting to 23,368 ₪ and therefore the defendants will return the amount to the plaintiff."

The claim was filed as part of the trend to increase enforcement and the rule of law against the rioters, in order to end rock-throwing and firebomb attacks in general on the Jerusalem light rail in particular.