Toddler burned by firebomb leaves hospital

Tahel Sofer, 3, who was injured by a firebomb three weeks ago, has been released from Hadassah.

Gil Ronen ,

Tahel leaving hospital
Tahel leaving hospital
Sigal Sofer

Tahel Sofer, 3, who was injured by a firebomb near Beit El three weeks ago, was released Sunday from Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

Uriel and Sigal Sofer, residents of Nitzan in the south, were traveling in their family car with three of their children, Tair, 11, Matan, 10, and Tahel, when they were ambushed.

"The firebombs smashed the rear windshield where Tahel was sitting," Sigal recounted afterward. "They fell on Tahel's seat and immediately, everything was burning. Tahel's dress, Tahel herself, her hair. The two children who were sitting next to her were also a little burned. My husband kept going a little to get away, and we stopped the car.

"It was frightening to see Tahel and everything else burning, and we were afraid that the car would also catch fire and explode. We got out of the car and pulled the seat out and we took her clothes off and put out the fire.

"It's such a nightmare, to see your child burning. For children to see their sister burning. It's very frightening. All we wanted to do is to put out the fire."