Call to name new Bnei Akiva shevet after Pollard?

Bnei Akiva looks into calling new Shevet after Jonathan Pollard, who is to be released on same day as organization's ceremony.

Shimon Cohen ,

Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan Pollard
Yehuda Glick

Neriya Binyamini, the former office head of the Youth for Pollard, has proposed that Bnei Akiva name its new Shevet after Jonathan Pollard.

Binyamin published a letter to the Bnei Akiva assembly members, in which he explained: "As you know, in about two weeks our dear brother Jonathan Pollard is scheduled to finally be released from prison. In a most ironic and symbolic timing, his release date 'falls' exactly on Friday, the same Shabbat evening that the organization is celebrating. After dozens of years in prison for his sacrifice on behalf of the Jewish People, I am confident that there is no better tribute to Jonathan than to call the new Shevet after him."

He further noted that "Pollard's story clearly expresses the concept of 'One and All,' which was chosen this year as the topic for the organization's meeting. The story of an individual who worked for the common good, and of the masses who came together to help the individual.

"Aside from that, calling the Shevet after Pollard will express our appreciate for his generosity on our behalf, and will be a fitting closure to the hundreds of actions that the movement's educators and members took part in for his return."

Binyamin says that he has not yet received a response from Bnei Akiva's administration. If he still does not hear back by tomorrow, he will begin a large-scale campaign to encourage Bnei Akiva leaders and instructors across the world to use the name.