PA reports 71 'martyrs' died this month

PA health ministry presents 71 Arabs who died in terror attacks and riots as victims, and then gets its own wounded toll wrong.

Dalit Halevy ,

Arab rioter on crutches (illustration)
Arab rioter on crutches (illustration)

The Palestinian Authority (PA) health ministry on Saturday issued a report of the toll of October's terror wave, in which it stated that 71 Palestinian Arabs died - all of them were termed "martyrs," a term employed for Arab terrorists who die committing their attacks.

In addition to the dead, more than 2,130 people were reportedly wounded by the defensive actions of Israeli security forces putting down violent riots and attacks in Judea, Samaria and Gaza according to the PA.

The announcement stated that 53 Arab terrorists were killed in Judea and Samaria, while another 17 were killed in Gaza, and in addition a resident of the Negev died - a reference to the Bedouin Arab citizen of Israel who conducted the lethal Be'er Sheva central station attack.

The report did not distinguish between terrorists killed while conducting murderous attacks and those who were allegedly not actively involved in riots and attacks but were present at the scene.

The PA went on to claim that 15 of the dead were children, a claim apparently referring to the large number of young Arab terrorists dying while conducting attacks, as well as one pregnant woman.

In a clear disproving of its own wounded tolls, the statement also said that 971 people were wounded by live rounds, 930 by rubber bullets, 220 by shrapnel and alleged violence from security forces, 20 from burns and more than 5,000 by asphyxiation - even though the PA claimed only 2,130 were wounded.

Over ten Israelis have been murdered and hundreds others wounded in the rising wave of Arab terror attacks in October.

In addition to presenting Arab terrorists as victims, the PA has called for an expansion of the terror war while inciting terror through various propaganda channels.