Father: 'Non-terrorist' wouldn't hurt a cat

Arab woman who wielded knife in Afula, but ruled out as terrorist, was in emotional distress after divorce, her father says.

Cynthia Blank ,

התחנה המרכזית בעפולה
התחנה המרכזית בעפולה
צילום: יוסי כהן, פלאש 90

The father of the Arab woman from Nazareth who three weeks ago wielded a knife in front of soldiers at Afula's Central Station claims she had no intention of hurting anyone. 

"She did not mean to harm anyone, she's an educated woman who knows how to behave with all people," he said during an interview with Army Radio on Thursday morning. 

"She studied in the Technion, she wouldn't do anything bad to anyone," he added. 

"She was divorced a year ago and has a daughter aged 10. A respectable family," he noted, speculating that his daughter was suffering emotional distress because of the divorce. 

The Arab woman, Asraa Zidan, was captured on film as she stood with the knife at one of the station's platforms and shouted "terrorists," before approaching security members menacingly. She was shot in the leg and moderately wounded.

State Attorney Shai Nitzan ruled Wednesday that she did not intend to conduct a terrorist attack, but rather sought to commit suicide by threatening security forces and being shot.

Following the closure of the investigation, Zidan's father concluded that "now we know she won't do anything bad to anyone, not even a cat."