'Remember this next time UN condemns Israel'

Israeli envoy to UN blasts body's 'absurd' decision to elect 'Iran and North Korea ally,' Venezuela, to Human Rights Council.

Nitsan Keidar ,

Danny Danon at UN
Danny Danon at UN
UN Photo/Kim Haughton

The United Nations General Assembly elected Venezuela on Wednesday to the world body's Human Rights Council. 

Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon blasted the move, arguing, "there is no limit to the absurdity - Venezuela is the greatest ally of Iran and North Korea."

"You should remember this day the next time you hear that the council condemned Israel," the envoy continued. 

"When a state like this - that oppresses its citizens with violence, limits freedom of press for journalists and imprisons those who oppose the regime - sits on the council, it isn't surprising that the council chooses to condemn Israel more than any other country in the world."

"We will not forget those countries whose only connection to human rights is their achievement in violating them," Danon charged. "We will continue to make our voices heard, to refute all lies and expose the real faces of those who preach morality to us at every front of the UN."

Having just replaced Ron Prosor as Israel permanent representative to the UN, Danon has already become quite vocal in fighting for the Jewish state, particularly in demanding the UN condemn incitement from Palestinian leaders amid the latest terror wave in Israel.