Watch: Hevron woman chases far-left activists

Anat Cohen has become a Facebook star, thanks to a video showing her scaring away unwanted intruders.

Gil Ronen ,

Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Anat Cohen of Hevron turned into a Facebook celebrity overnight after a video emerged of her confronting and scaring off two German leftists.

The altercation was documented on King David Street (known by local Arabs as "Shuhada Street"), where many leftists from abroad loiter in attempts to harass Jews and stage provocations between local Jews and Arabs.

"Why? Why help them?" she is seen saying. "Why? To kill us? Why are you helping them?" She strikes one of the leftist's camera, frightens them and sends them scampering off.

She told Walla! News that one of the Germans had attacked her before the scene that was captured on tape and that she was only reacting to this provocation.

"This is what they do," she explained. "They come from Europe to videotape everything, all the time, and it is nothing short of collecting intelligence and disseminating it throughout the world. The fact that the state of Israel does nothing about it is a sign of stupidity or worse."

Only last week, she said, she barely averted being knifed by an Arab on the same street, and managed to send him running by shouting loudly.

"I think it gives people a good feeling that we know how to fight back and do not go like sheep to the slaughter," she opined.