Synagogue safety instructions released for J'lem

Jerusalem municipality, Chief Rabbinate advise special caution for synagogue-goers amid terror wave.

Matt Wanderman ,

Illustrative: Israel Police guard city center in Jerusalem
Illustrative: Israel Police guard city center in Jerusalem
Hadas Parush/Flash90

The Jerusalem Municipality has published safety instructions for people attending synagogue this Friday/Saturday, following a full month of terror attacks throughout the capital. 

Among the guidelines: 

  • People with personal guns are advised to bring them, hidden under the worshippers' clothes;
  • synagogue officials should make a list of attendees with guns;
  • armed worshippers should sit near entrances so that they are ready to act if necessary;
  • synagogue officials should appoint someone who is familiar with the regular attendees to watch people as they enter;
  • officials should check the area around the synagogue before people enter, in order to identify anything out of place - people, packages, etc;
  • if necessary, vehicles should not be allowed to park in front of the synagogue;
  • during Shabbat and holidays there should be a working phone, set on silent, that can call for help if necessary; and 
  • worshippers should remain attentive on their way to and from the synagogue.

Police stressed that the Jerusalem Chief Rabbinate was consulted prior to the guidelines' release, and that the instructions were published with the Rabbinate's consent. 

Tova Dvorin contributed to this report.