'The High Court defeated democracy'

Pro-democracy movement blasts ruling to postpone terrorist home demolitions, says 1-man decision defeats the point of democracy.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

High Court of Justice (file)
High Court of Justice (file)

The Movement for Governability and Democracy (Meshilut) blasted Supreme Court Justice Uzi Fogelman's decision to postpone the destruction of terrorists' homes Friday, saying that it detracts from the State of Israel's deterrence and character. 

"The High Court’s interventions in state policy considerations are incompatible with the democratic character of the State of Israel," a Meshilut spokesman said. 

"Even if there is room for judicial review of the decisions of elected officials regarding the performance of their duties, it must be kept to reviewing the legal basis of executive action safeguarding from corruption."

"When one man (who is not an elected official) forces his personal value-judgments on state affairs, above the discretion of the public and its elected officials, democracy is defeated," it added.

"This reflects a corrupted reality whereby the High Court holds authoritative powers over the public without accountability while Israel’s elected officials, who are held accountable to the public, don't hold the authority to promote the policies for which they were elected.”

On Thursday, Fogelman issued temporary orders to prevent the demolition orders issued against the homes of seven Arab terrorists' families, after the families petitioned the IDF demolition orders. MKs and Ministers have reacted sharply to the decision, accusing the High Court of tying Israelis' hands as terror attacks continue.