3.5 Years' Prison for Israeli Arab Who Joined ISIS

Marwan Khaledi participated in 5 operations in Fallujah before being injured - and then arrested.

Tova Dvorin ,

ISIS flag
ISIS flag

The Nazareth District Court sentenced an Israeli Arab to 3.5 years in prison on Wednesday, after he was convicted of fighting with Islamic State (ISIS). 

Marwan Khaledi, 20, joined ISIS in Iraq in 2014. He was charged with contact with a foreign agent, membership and activity in an illegal organization, military training in a terrorist setting, and traveling to an enemy country illegally.

Khaledi was arrested in January upon his return at Ben Gurion Airport. A month later he was indicted.

According to reports, Khaledi flew to Turkey in October to celebrate Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha. He remained there for several days before his family lost contact with him. 

His family then attempted to gather as much information as they could. At first they thought he was being detained in Turkey for carrying counterfeit dollar bills, but to their surprise, they discovered he had crossed the border into Syria. 

Khaledi then made his way into Iraq, where he was apparently badly injured. He was then hospitalized in Turkey with severe burns over his entire body. The family claims that from that first day, he had no participation in Islamic State fighting or affairs.

However, Khaledi admitted to the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) that he had been exposed to ISIS material, and purposely flew to Turkey to make contact with ISIS recruiters, Walla! News reports. He sneaked into Syria with the help of an ISIS smuggler. 

In Syria, Khaledi met with three Israeli Arabs from Yafi'a who had also joined ISIS, including Hamza Samy Magamsah, Saber Mohamed Kanaa, and Muhammed Marwan Kilani. 

He then underwent three weeks of terror training, including fitness training, weapons familiarization, and operations - before participating in five "operations" in Fallujah. In one of those operations, he was seriously wounded while planting explosives against Shi'ite forces.