Arab Protesters 'Support Terror' at Tel Aviv Univ.

Counter-protest confronts Arab students waving PLO flags and bemoaning killing of Arab terrorists; 'tomorrow they might bring knives.'

Benny Toker ,

Im Tirtzu protest at Tel Aviv University
Im Tirtzu protest at Tel Aviv University
Im Tirtzu

Clashing protests took place one against the other on Tuesday at Tel Aviv University, in which the Zionist group Im Tirtzu counter-protested Arab students at the university - who waved Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flags while accusing Israel of "executing" Arab terrorists.

The Im Tirtzu protesters waved Israeli flags, and over a loudspeaker one man shouted that the Arab protesters were "supporting terror, they're inciting for terror."

Hodaya Shahar, chairperson of the Lavi Gilad student group at the university, told Arutz Sheva that the Arab students need to be expelled, saying, "they enjoy education but continue to incite."

"The radical Arab students protested today against the government and against the ability to eliminate attackers and murderers who slaughter Jews on the street," emphasized Shahar. "They're ungrateful. On the one hand they study and receive grants and advance, and on the other they support terror. It's an embarrassment that they study with us and they are allowed to study."

"If I was the dean, I'd bring them to a disciplinary committee and remove them from the university," she said. "They should hold a disciplinary committee for them today, cancel their grants and punish them."

"But unfortunately, and I say it with great pain, the university isn't doing anything. There are even protests in which we see that those taking part include staff members."

The student group leader described how members of her group protested against the Arab students, with their goal being to represent Israel.

"We came for a Zionist counter-protest, to strengthen the security forces who eliminate the terrorists who come to slaughter Jews with knives. MK Oren Hazan (Likud) also came to support us. We as Jewish students at Tel Aviv University will continue to go about with our heads raised, they're the ones who should feel uncomfortable."

Speaking about fears that attacks will reach the campus, she said, "there are always concerns, who can say these same radical students won't go out tomorrow with a knife? There have been such things. Today they come with Palestinian flags and incite terror, the same Arab student could tomorrow take a knife and use it."

Alon Shwartzer, head of the policy department of the Im Tirtzu movement, said, "it is infuriating that in days like these, students in Israel protest against the state of Israel and in favor of terror."

"We won't let terror supporting protests on campuses pass in silence," he added. "We stood together, rightists and leftists, to protest against the terror and to say that freedom of speech is not freedom of incitement."