Jews Beaten at Joseph's Tomb Sent to House Arrest

The five Hassidic Jews – including three minors – entered Joseph's Tomb Saturday to protest the site's arson.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Bloodied kippah from a victim
Bloodied kippah from a victim
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The Petach Tikva Magistrates' Court sent five Breslover-Hassidic Jews to four days' house arrest Sunday, after they entered Joseph's Tomb illicitly on Saturday night. They had been beaten and detained by Palestinian Authority (PA) police and then transferred to the Israel Police, which arrested them.

The Ariel Police detained the five – who include three minors – entered Joseph's Tomb outside Shechem (Nablus) to protest the burning of the holy site by local Arab Muslims.

Police asked the court to extend their remand. However, their attorney, Itamar Ben-Gvir, argued that the Holy Sites Law and the Oslo Accords allow free access to the tomb.

Immediately after the five were arrested, Ben Gvir had reported that some of them were bleeding after PA police found them and beat them; two of them are suffering from head injuries.

On Saturday night, the detainees arrived at the Tomb together with about 30 people to protest the site's arson last week.

The PA police reportedly beat as many people as they could, banging their heads against their jeeps until the IDF arrived; the IDF then arrested the five for entering a closed military site.