Ex-CIA Director Says U.S. Must Bring Democracy To Arab World


An Arutz-7 English Radio exclusive: Former CIA Director James Woolsey said on Wednesday night that the United States must \"work to bring democracy to the entire Arab world.\" Woolsey, who served as the agency\'s head from 1993-95, spoke with Women in Green co-founder Ruth Matar. Woolsey said that the US war against terror would last for many years, and that although the next step must be to destroy Saddam Hussein\'s regime in Iraq, the US can\'t stop there: \"We [the US and Israel] will not be safe and secure until we change the face of the Middle East.\"

Regarding Yasser Arafat and his war of terror against Israel, Woolsey said that while at one point he and many Americans had hope that Arafat would become \"another [Egyptian President] Sadat,\" he is now convinced that the PLO leader is simply a \"corrupt dictator\" and that there will not be peace until the Palestinians shake off his regime. Woolsey believes that Israel would be able to make peace with a democratically-governed Palestinian people. He admitted that the United States originally embraced the Oslo accords simply in the tracks of the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin.

Other quotes from the former CIA director:
\"Before September 11, the Saudis were in denial about how they contributed to anti-western sentiments. The Saudi Arabians have exported their brand of Wahabism to not only the Madras of Pakistan and to the Al-Qaeda network, but to mosques in the West including many in the US and Britain.\"
\"Yasser Arafat is a corrupt dictator. Arafat, like Saddam Hussein, needs enemies. The problem is that other than in Turkey and Israel, every other country in the Arab world can either be described as a pathological predator or a vulnerable autocracy, and that does not make a good mix. We should not continue to tolerate Mideast dictatorships.\"