Watch: Firebomb Terrorist Sets Himself on Fire

Firebomb fail: Hevron University student caught on tape during violent riot burning his own head in attack on IDF gone awry.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Arab terrorist sets himself on fire with firebomb
Arab terrorist sets himself on fire with firebomb

A clumsy Arab terrorist taking part in a massive violent riot in Judea's Hevron on Tuesday tried to throw a firebomb at IDF soldiers and Border Police - however, his potentially lethal attack found a victim much closer to home.

Footage captures the hapless terrorist running for help as the khefiyeh scarf masking his face burns from the Molotov cocktail. He is seen trying to pull off his shirt and mask, as other rioters beat him on the head in an attempt to put out the flames.

The bumbling terrorist was identified as a student at Hevron University; no details were given regarding his status.

The firebomb fail occurred during a violent riot, in which Arab terrorists blocked the northern entrance to Hevron with large rocks and tires.

Security forces responding by using non-lethal riot dispersal means to break up the crowd, as seen in the video footage.