Stabbing Attack Prevented in Migdal HaEmek

Alert bystanders call in police over two suspicious Arab teens; both found with knives, had been planning stabbing.

Kobi Finkler , | updated: 17:29

Police crack down on Arab terror (file)
Police crack down on Arab terror (file)
Basel Awidat/FLASh90

Migdal Haemek police were called in Tuesday afternoon, following a report that suspicious individuals were lurking around the town and near a Sonol gas station. 

Police began searches in the direction of Yafia and identified the two as Arab minors, ages 16 and 17, who live in the surrounding Arab villages. 

The two were found to be carrying a kitchen knife and pocket knife on their persons during the arrest.

An initial investigation reveals that the two had intended to carry out a stabbing attack, but it is unclear where they had planned to execute the attack. 

Police thanked the Sonol gas station attendants for their alertness in spotting the minors and preventing a disaster.