'Terrorist Chased the Driver With a Huge Knife'

Armon Hanatziv resident recounts how she spoke to bus driver just before attack, and watched him just escape death.

Hezki Baruch ,

Site of Armon Hanatziv attack
Site of Armon Hanatziv attack
Hezki Ezra

A resident of the southeastern Armon Hanatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem who asked not to be identified gave Arutz Sheva her eyewitness account of the lethal terror attack on the 78 bus line Tuesday morning.

"I got on the 12 line, Yisrael (the driver) was ahead of us in the 78 line," said the eyewitness, recalling how she got on the bus driving right behind the one targeted in the attack, in which two people were murdered and 15 others wounded, eight seriously.

The witness noted that before getting in the 12 bus, she went to the 78 line bus which pulled up first and spoke with the driver.

"I told him, 'Yisrael, may G-d protect you and all the drivers' - because I know him - 'protect yourselves.' He told me 'thank you,' and I got on the 12 line," she recalled.

"We got to the station, suddenly Yisrael began to run from there (his bus) to here, he started to shout 'terrorists, terrorists!'"

"I saw the terrorist chase after Yisrael with a knife this big," she said, holding her hands nearly two feet apart.

The attack was conducted by two terrorists, one armed with a gun and another with a knife; one was shot dead and the other was shot and taken into custody.