Jew Posts Satiric Facebook Joke - Gets Arrested

Recent army grad writes joke about Arab nurses stabbing patients and finds himself in jail; attorney: 'the police have lost direction.'

Ido Ben-Porat ,

Facebook "like" (illustration)
Facebook "like" (illustration)
Flash 90

A Jewish youth aged 22, who recently completed his IDF service as a combat soldier, was arrested on Monday night for the surprising "offense" of posting a sarcastic Facebook comment.

In the post, which sought to use humor against the spate of Arab terror attacks plaguing Israel, he wrote: "I'm sitting in a hospital when suddenly an Arab nurse comes to me and tells me: now you'll feel a light prick...I didn't think twice and shot her."

The youth never expected his humor would be so lost on police, but after his post gained popularity online among concerned Israelis sorely in need of a joke, he found himself in a police investigation.

He was interrogated for several grueling hours, and only afterwards was released on bail.

"Someone in the police lost their direction," said the Honenu legal aid organization, which sent an attorney to the police station to help the arrested youth.

"The nation of Israel is under a terror attack, the social networks are full of incitement against Jews, just yesterday were several terror attacks in the capital, and the Jerusalem police arrest a guy who was released from IDF combat service for a satirical post?"

"Unfortunately, this is confusion in the best of cases, and a total loss of direction in the worst of cases," stated Honenu. "The post constitutes no crime, and it is unfortunate the police acted as they did."

The concern over police action comes after a 55-year-old female resident of Jerusalem's Old City had her gun license removed on a recommendation by the police, which said she "prayed on the Temple Mount."

The woman has had her license and gun for 35 years and never run afoul of the law, and as Honenu noted the charges of "praying" do not constitute a crime, much less grounds to revoke a license. Likewise she was never investigated for the alleged praying.