Palestinians Asked 'Is Stabbing Israelis Heroic?'

Random Arab residents of Hevron interviewed on their views regarding stabbing Israeli soldiers and civilians. Watch:

Ari Soffer ,

Scene of stabbing at at Damascus Gate, Jerusalem
Scene of stabbing at at Damascus Gate, Jerusalem
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

As a wave of Arab terrorism continues to buffet Israel - mostly consisted of stabbing attacks - a series of video interviews taken shortly before the current spate of attacks illustrates how widespread support for such attacks are among ordinary Palestinian Arabs.

As part of his "The Ask Project," in which viewers are encouraged to field questions for him to ask random Palestinians or Israelis, amateur documentary maker Gil Corey-Shuster asked a random selection of Arabs in Hevron the following question: "Do you view stabbing Israeli soldiers and civilians as heroic?"

The answers were overwhelmingly supportive, with only one interviewee making any distinction between soldiers or civilians. Even that respondent however said that Israeli civilians who carry private weapons for self-defense are legitimate targets because "if he had the chance he would use his gun and shoot" Arabs.

The most commonly given justification for stabbing attacks was Palestinians' own sense of grievance against Israel - but when asked if according to that logic Israelis who lost loved ones could legitimately attack Palestinians, all responded in the negative.

Just one Palestinian man, a shopkeeper, said he did not support such attacks and in fact expressed his outright opposition to them.