4-Year Minimum Sentence for Rock Throwers Approved

Judges will have to impose jail sentences on throwers of rocks, firebombs and fireworks, and may impose fines on minors and their parents.

Gil Ronen ,

Arab rock throwing terrorists (file)
Arab rock throwing terrorists (file)
Issam RImawi/Flash 90

The Cabinet unanimously approved on Sunday Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's proposal to impose minimum prison sentences on those who throw rocks, firebombs and fireworks, and to impose fines on minors and their parents.

The measure mandates a four-year minimum sentence for rock throwers. 

Netanyahu said: "We are doing this as an emergency measure and will consider the extent of its implementation; if need be, we will make the law more severe."

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked has been fighting for months for legislation in this vein, in the face of opposition from leftist and legal circles.

Shaked recently played down reports that Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is locked in combat with the government over the latter's attempts to pass legislation mandating minimum sentences for rock and firebomb terror, and giving soldiers and police more leeway in opening fire on such terrorists.

"The Attorney General's right and duty,” she explained, “is to give his opinion. In the end, if there isn't something unconstitutional about the legislation, it is the government that decides whether to legislate it or not.”