Watch: Police Shoot Terrorist in Afula

Female, hijab-clad Muslim terrorist can be seen wielding a knife, screaming at police, before being gunned down.

Ari Soffer ,

Israeli police at the site of Tel Aviv stabbing
Israeli police at the site of Tel Aviv stabbing
Flash 90

Dramatic video footage has emerged showing the moment police shot and wounded an Arab terrorist who attempted to launch yet another stabbing attack in Afula Friday.

Fortunately she was unsuccessful, and was taken into custody after being shot by police.

In the video, the knife-wielding Muslim woman - dressed in green and wearing a hijab - can be seen holding up her knife in a threatening gesture and screaming at police, who urge her repeatedly to put it down.

Eventually, sensing a real threat their own safety and that of civilians in the area, police fired multiple shots, and she falls to the ground.

Two people at the scene were treated for shock.

It would have been the second terrorist attack in Afula in the past 24 hours, following a stabbing yesterday in which a soldier was moderately wounded.

It followed a string of similar attacks Friday, including stabbings in Jerusalem, and Kiryat Arba.