MK to Netanyahu: It's Time to Take Action!

MK Haim Yellin calls on Prime Minister to act on the diplomatic front against the rocket fire from Gaza.

Elad Benari ,

MK Haim Yellin
MK Haim Yellin
Knesset Spokesman

MK Haim Yellin (Yesh Atid) on Tuesday night called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to take action against the rocket fire from Gaza, after a rocket was intercepted by Iron Dome as it was headed towards Ashdod.

In a statement, Yellin urged Netanyahu to act not just by using force, but also diplomatically.

“Mr. Prime Minister, in New York there is no red color sirens, and speeches do not stop Kassam rockets and rock attacks,” he said, referring to Netanyahu’s upcoming speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

“Use of military force and a difficult war on terrorism are only part of the way to fight terrorism, political courage is required as well,” continued Yellin.

“Netanyahu, enough talking, it's time for action! Diplomacy can be difficult and complicated, but a true leader needs to know how to lead and make decisions. Stop managing the conflict and enabling the rocket fire, use the visit to the UN to promote a regional agreement that will give peace and hope to the citizens of the state of Israel,” he added.

The rocket fire from Gaza came hours after Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon toured Gaza Belt communities and spoke about the security situation in the south. 

Ya'alon said that Israel had succeeded in deterring Hamas in the course of Operation Protective Edge last year.

"A year has passed since Operation Protective Edge, and there is no doubt that here, beyond the fence, in the Gaza Strip, Hamas, the body that controls Gaza, has been deterred, and faces internal challenges, including ISIS terrorists and others who sometimes fire [at Israel] from the Gaza Strip to challenge [Hamas]."