President Rivlin 'Escaped Demon Monkeys'

Has Israel's president become addicted to Temple Run - or was he punked by a Twitter hacker?

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Reuven Rivlin
Reuven Rivlin
Kobi Gidon/Flash 90

The largely symbolic post of president of Israel is usually treated with a certain degree of dignity, but President Reuven Rivlin appears to be ready to show a different side of himself as an avid cell phone gamer - or is he?

The official Twitter account of the president bore an unusual tweet on Thursday night, reading: "I got 2,924 points while escaping from demon monkeys. Beat that!"

Together with the uncharacteristic text - which appeared in English - was a link to the popular cell phone game Temple Run, and a screenshot of his score.

The surprising tweet quickly generated a buzz online as puzzled users shared and commented on it, until the president himself was brought into the picture to clarify that no, he hasn't become an addicted Temple Runner - he was just the target of a Twitter hack.

"Apparently a hack that has been taken care of caused this announcement about this captivating game called Temple Run," tweeted Rivlin after being informed about his alleged escape from "demon monkeys."

"I in any case remain loyal to solitaire," concluded the president, revealing that he is indeed a gamer - of sorts.