Elderly Man Dies from Sukkah Electrocution

82-year-old electrocuted while building sukkah in Jerusalem dies hours later in hospital; 20-year-old electrocuted in Bnei Brak market.

Chaim Lev ,

Site of the electrocution in Jerusalem
Site of the electrocution in Jerusalem
Avraham Tzemach/News 24

The 82-year-old man who was electrocuted earlier on Thursday while building a sukkah for the upcoming holiday of Sukkot that begins next Sunday night has died of his wounds.

Shaare Tzedek Hospital, where the unfortunate man was taken by paramedics after his electrocution, announced his death on Thursday night.

The man was electrocuted and critically wounded while building the traditional booth that Jews are ordered to dwell in during the holiday outside his home on Ariel Street, located just north of Central Station in the heart of the capital.

Paramedics who performed resuscitation on him at the site said that "miraculously" they were able to get his heart to start beating again, before evacuating him. However, the medical efforts to save his life apparently were not able to overcome the damage in the end.

Thursday evidently was not a good day for electricity - aside from the 83-year-old victim, a 20-year-old youth also got electrocuted on Thursday evening at a market selling the four species used on Sukkot in Bnei Brak, on Harav Shach Street.

Magen David Adom (MDA) medics and United Hatzalah paramedics gave the young man medical treatment and evacuated him to Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer.

It remains unclear how extensive his wounds are.

In the case of the 83-year-old, MDA and United Hatzalah teams arrived at the elderly man's home where they found him in the courtyard unconscious. 

MDA paramedic David Dalfan said "in the courtyard of the home adjacent to the foundations of a sukkah in the stages of being built a man aged around 70 was lying."

The medic noted the man was unconscious, not breathing, and without a heart beat.

"They told us that he was bringing over an electric wire, apparently he got electrocuted and collapsed."