Syria Using Russian Military Drones for First Time

Security source says military deployed Russian drones to attack ISIS targets in northern and eastern Syria.

Matt Wanderman ,

Israeli drone
Israeli drone
Flash 90

Syria has begun using Russian-supplied military drones against "extremists," a security source says.

The source did not specify which drone models are being used, though he told AFP that "For the first time, the army today used drones received from Moscow in operations against extremists in the north and east of the country."

This revelation comes only a day after Russia delivered at least five fighter jets to dictator Bashar al-Assad. Reports indicate that the military is already using the jets to attack ISIS targets.

In addition, new reports indicate that Russia is building more military bases in Syria.

The United States has criticized Russia's recent military involvement in Syria, though President Barack Obama has also expressed interest in working with Moscow to end the civil war.

Earlier today (Tuesday) Secretary of State John Kerry warned that he is suspicious of Russia's long-term goals. However, he added that he believes the new bases are for the purpose of protecting Russian forces already in Syria, and not for offensive or expansionist purposes.