'Hottest Yom Kippur In a Decade' Expected

Temperatures will soar Wednesday - testing the mettle of the millions of Israelis who will be fasting on Yom Kippur,

Moshe Cohen ,

Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur
Nati Levin/News 24

Yom Kippur in Israel is generally a hot day – but the holiday this year is set to be the hottest in a decade, forecasters said Monday. After a cooler day Tuesday, when it rained in several parts of the country, the somewhat-cooler temperatures will be a thing of the past as another warm front moves into the area. Right after the fast, temperatures are expected to go down again, with moderate weather expected by Friday.

High temperatures in Jerusalem Wednesday are likely to hit 34 degrees Centigrade (93 Fahrenheit), while in Tel Aviv temperatures will hit 37 degrees (99 Fahrenheit). Individuals were urged to drink as much water as possible before the fast, hydrating to as great an extent as possible.

Doctors also had some tips to help individuals to tolerate the fast without problems. Among them: Concentrate on consuming proteins as opposed to carbohydrates; don't overeat in the final meal before the fast, but try to spread out eating throughout the day; stay away from spicy foods; drink two liters of water in the hours prior to the fast; avoid coffee on Tuesday, if possible.

Given the expected high temperatures, rescue services such as Magen David Adom and Ichud Hatzalah will be on extra alert, fully staffed. MDA officials suggested limiting outdoor activities, and seeking out a synagogue with a good air conditioning system.