Russian Military Brings Humanitarian Aid to Syria

Russian Defense Ministry claims its planes have brought enough supplies to help a thousand refugees.

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Matt Wanderman ,

Yarmouk residents queue to receive humanitarian aid
Yarmouk residents queue to receive humanitarian aid

Russia's Defense Ministry says that its cargo planes have landed in Syria with supplies to help over a thousand refugees. According to a spokesperson, the supplies include beds, mattresses, stoves, water tanks, and food.

Despite the alleged humanitarian goal of the airlift, many are still concerned with Russia's activities in Syria. US President Barack Obama has criticized Moscow for supplying weapons to the Syrian military. The Syrian National Coalition, the primary rebel group, says that the "direct Russian military intervention" shows that it is "hostile to the Syrian people and turns its forces in Syria to occupation forces."

Russia is Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's strongest defender in the United Nations Security Council. The relative lack of UN condemnation and sanctions against Syria is largely due to Russia's advocacy.